WelcomeThis was the official website of the Friends of the Network to Freedom Association, Inc. It was founded at Georgetown College in July 2006. This non-profit organization is supported by the National Park Service, the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom and more than three hundred Underground Railroad websites from the United States of America. There are also a lot of programs and facilities which deal with this topic.

The so called Friends Association can be described as an inter-network. It supports and advocates the already mentioned sponsors and backers by means of stewardships and also financial support. In the center of interest are the documentation, commemoration, education, research and preservation in the field of the Underground Railroad.

Now, this website wants to present interesting information about this national and international movement, which is also known as the Underground Railroad. The most important facts about the way to freedom and independence as well as the Underground Railroad Conference will be mentioned.

Beyond that a few significant personalities are presented on ugrfriends.org. You want to know more about Herriet Tubman, Thomas Garrett as well as Abraham Lincoln and their role in the Underground Railroad history? Find it out in this website!

In the purview of history, we offer interesting facts about Slavery and the Folklore. In addition to this the Freedom Association will be presented.

As well you will be informed about the latest news about the already mentioned topics. Here, known issues and new investigated topics will be thematized.